A next generation wearable

The new standard for Auditory Situational Awareness, Communication and Hearing Protection

  • 360° Auditory Situational Awareness
  • Enhanced Communication & Speech Intelligibility
  • Premium Hearing Protection
Man aiming rifle with Clear 360 grey headset
Man aiming rifle with Clear 360 grey headset
CLEAR360 Steel Gray headset

CLEAR 360 PRO headset

A next generation wearable that sets the new standard for Auditory Situational Awareness, Communication and Hearing Protection.

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"Natural Hearing Solution"
"Healthy Hearing System"

CLEAR 360 PRO was developed as a solution for heavy industry’s extreme high-noise environments. CLEAR 360 PRO has also been adapted specifically for hunting and tactical shooting environments. CLEAR 360 PRO features 360° Auditory Situational Awareness with enhanced “super hearing” mode to detect detailed sounds in a quiet setting, precise two-way communication capabilities and superior hearing protection from both continuous and transient sounds.

Five Listening Modes

Premium hearing protection present in all listening modes.

Optimized for voice and 2-way communication.

Hear incredible detail within your surroundings.

Natural and realistic, as if you were wearing nothing.

Subdues environmental sounds yet remains natural and realistic.

Removes outside stimulus while still providing hearing protection. Bluetooth-connected devices remain enabled.

Premium Safety PROTECTION

Certified NRR – Accurate & Reliable
Premium Impulse Rating
Auditory Situational Awareness

Rigorously field tested, the CLEAR 360 PRO has undergone highly scrutinized safety protocols. CLEAR 360 has also performed numerous independent, 3rd-party lab tests to accurately and reliably educate the consumer on the safety of the CLEAR 360 product line.

From ANSI/ASA Standards for NRR & Impulse testing to meeting all OSHA/NIOSH safety requirements, CLEAR 360 discloses all certified safety data.

Safety You Can Trust

CLEAR 360 is committed to disclosing detailed, accurate safety data for all CLEAR 360 products. Our products have been tested by Michael and Associates, the noted psychoacoustic scientists that helped write the safety standards for ANSI/ASA NRR. This ensures reliable and verifiable certifications. CLEAR 360 reports only real-world empirical data.

CLEAR 360 provides true certified NRR and Impulse Ratings as outlined by ANSI/ASA S3.19-1974 & S12.42-2010. Traditional products do not always furnish comprehensive ratings data. CLEAR 360 provides important safety information you need to know to make the clear choice in hearing protection. With all sounds, whether a momentary impact or a continuous extreme high noise environment, CLEAR 360 has you covered.

Features You Will Love

16-hour battery
IP-64 Water & Dust Resistant
24 NRR Protection
Bluetooth 5.0
Five Listening Modes
360° Auditory Situational Awareness

All Day Comfort

Comfortable to wear for hours
No ear fatigue with proper use

Whether you are a hunter on an all day expedition, a worker in a noisy shop, a jogger, bicycle rider or just working in the yard, the CLEAR 360 PRO was designed to be worn comfortably for long periods of use.

Control and comfort at your fingertips

Individual Controls
Replaceable Accessories
Built In Microphone

Clear 360 Pro

Full 360° directionality and situational awareness using all 3 dimensions of sound localization.

Uninterrupted sound while maintaining all loud sounds at a safe level.

Extremely long all-day battery life and quick recharge.

Multiple listening modes customized for optimized use in your environment.

Premium sound quality, CLEAR 360 Pro sounds natural, like the real world.

Utilizes advanced, patented, speech-intelligibility technologies.

Traditional Products

Incomplete sound location capabilities. Some left/right, but no up/down or front/back.

Often cuts off sounds completely, distorts sounds. Particularly high impact sounds.

Requires multiple charge cycles for full day use.

Limited listening modes, usually just poor EQ adjustments.

Environment sounds unnatural and “plastic sounding”.

Does not.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Clear 360 PRO comes with a two year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Product registration is required for a product warranty. Click here to register your CLEAR 360 product.

  • Over 16 hours during normal use.
  • Over 10 hours listening to music at max volume via Bluetooth.

The CLEAR 360 PRO has been independently tested and has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24. Additional safety and protection information can be found here: https://clear360products.com/user-manual/clear-360-pro/

The CLEAR 360 PRO has an IP rating of 64. “6” represents the rating for “dust” and indicates that no dust should enter the device even in heavy wind. “4” represents the rating for “water” and indicates that you can safely use the CLEAR 360 PRO with no water intrusion, even in heavy rainfall. The CLEAR 360 PRO should never be fully submerged in water. See User Manual for additional information.

Yes, you can pair any Bluetooth enabled phone, 2-way radio or other Bluetooth enabled communication device to the CLEAR 360 PRO. The CLEAR 360 PRO will optimize the audio playback of music, phone calls, radio communication and any Bluetooth transmitted audio.

Multiple listening modes are customized for optimized use in your environment to maximize safety, enhance environmental sounds, deliver studio quality music, or even “mute mode” to remove the world all together.

Yes! You can listen to music, 2-way communication or any audio transmitted via Bluetooth while hearing your surroundings with full situational awareness and premium hearing protection. Engage “mute mode” to remove the environment and hear only studio quality sound from your Bluetooth device.

Optimized For Everyday Activities

Outdoor & Recreation
Industrial & Home Safety

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