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Welcome to the Help & Support portal for This page and its contents are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Clear 360 products and accessories. We will be updating this page regularly with FAQs and vital product information. Thank you for your purchase.

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General FAQ’s

The Clear 360 PRO comes with a two year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Product registration is required for a product warranty. Click here to register your CLEAR 360 product.

The CLEAR 360 PRO has been independently tested, and has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24. Additional safety and protection information can be found here:

Over 16 hours during normal use.

Over 10 hours listening to music at maximum volume via Bluetooth.
Note: The above is the expected battery life of a brand new device. Total battery life may decrease over time and/or with multiple charge cycles.

The CLEAR 360 PRO can be charged by attaching a USB Type-C cable to the charging port. The other end of this cable can be plugged into any open computer USB port, portable battery pack with an output of 5VDC or any USB charging block capable of 5VDC.

The CLEAR 360 PRO has an IP rating of 64. “6” represents the rating for “dust” and indicates that no dust should enter the device even in heavy wind. “4” represents the rating for “water” and indicates that you can safely use the CLEAR 360 PRO with no water intrusion, even in heavy rainfall. It is not safe to use with pressurized water (like from a hose). The CLEAR 360 PRO should never be fully submerged in water. See the User Manual for additional information.

Use room temperature water with mild soap applied to a non-linting cloth. Do not use any alcohol, bleach, pneumonia, or any harsh solutions. Do not submerge CLEAR 360 PRO or any of its parts in any liquid.

Accessories such as foam ear-tips, ear wings and wind screens are user replaceable. The actual Clear 360 Pro headset is not user serviceable. For service, please click here to submit a Support Ticket.

Accessory FAQ’s

Replacement foam ear tips, ear wings and wind screen covers can all be purchased on the CLEAR 360 product website. The full list of available accessories can be found and purchased here:

The windscreen assemblies are removable and replaceable. Pinch the back and front of the windscreen between your fingers to release the locking tab. Pull up on the back side of the windscreen then rock it forward to remove. To replace the windscreen, perform the previous steps in reverse. Replacement windscreens can be purchased here:

The battery in the CLEAR 360 PRO is not user replaceable.

Device Usage FAQ’s

The CLEAR 360 Pro comes packaged with one pair each of small, medium and large foam tips. Begin with the large size tips. Follow provided instructions to make sure the tips are properly inserted into the ear. Try all three sizes to see which provides the best fit and maximum hearing protection and comfort. Check out our Earpiece Fit Instructional video for the Clear360 Pro Hearing Device

Proper fit into the user’s ear is critically important to obtaining protection against hazardous noise. Failure to properly fit the foam ear tips may result in permanent hearing loss or other significant injury. Read and understand all safety documentation before use.

When properly fitted, the ear wing seats into the fold of the ear securing the CLEAR 360 PRO earpiece into place. They keep the patented microphone manifolds in the proper orientation to achieve accurate directionality for maximum situational awareness.

The red LED light in front of the charging port will illuminate while the headset is charging. Once the headset is fully charged, the red LED light will turn off.

A battery check can be initiated while the CLEAR 360 PRO is powered on. Quickly press the Multi-Function Button and the Volume Down (-) Button at the same time. An audible voice prompt will indicate the battery level.

Multiple listening modes are customized for optimized use in your environment to maximize safety, enhance environmental sounds, enable clear 2-way communication, deliver studio quality music, or “mute mode” to remove the world all together.

Press the “Switch-Mode” button once to advance to the next Listening Mode. Listening Modes 1 – 4 can be cycled through one by one by pressing this button. A voice prompt will alert you to which Listening Mode you are currently on.

To enter “Mute Mode”, press and hold the Switch Mode button for 2 seconds. A voice prompt will alert you that you are in the Mute mode. To exit “Mute Mode”, simple press the “Switch-Mode” button once. (Note, you may also exit “Mute Mode” by pressing the Volume Up (+) or Volume Down (-) buttons.)

Yes, you can pair any Bluetooth enabled phone, 2-way radio or other Bluetooth enabled communication device to the CLEAR 360 PRO. The CLEAR 360 PRO will optimize the audio of playback music, phone calls, radio communication and any Bluetooth transmitted audio.

The CLEAR 360 PRO will only pair to one device at a time. CLEAR 360 PRO will always prioritize connection to Bluetooth devices in the order they were paired. For example: You pair your cell phone first, then later pair your laptop computer. If both your cell phone and laptop are powered on and in range, your CLEAR 360 PRO will automatically pair to your cell phone when powered on.

Simply adjust the volume control on your paired Bluetooth device. The volume buttons on the CLEAR 360 PRO only affect the level of the real-world environment sound being picked up by the built-in microphones.

The CLEAR 360 PRO has five different listening modes. Listening modes 1 and 2, have specialized processing that improves and enhances the clarity of the human voice while in high noise environments. Listening modes 3 and 4 are tailored more towards listening to media content. Bluetooth content remains active and audible with “mute mode” engaged.

Clear the Bluetooth pairing list on the CLEAR 360 PRO. This is easily done by holding the Red “MFB” button and the “Volume UP” button down at the same time for 5 seconds. Recycle the power one time then pair your phone or device again via Bluetooth.