Clear360 technology sets the New Standard for Auditory Situational Awareness, Communication and Hearing Protection

When heavy industry needed a solution for their safety, communication, and hearing protection problems, they turned to Clear360. Clear360’s team of doctors, audio engineers and safety experts collaborated to create a next-generation wearable that provides advanced 360° situational awareness; clear, precise communication, and hearing protection in high noise environments – all in one state-of-the art design. Introducing: Clear360 Pro.

Clear360 Pro Sets the New Standard for the Hunting & Outdoor Market

We worked closely with experts in the tactical shooting and hunting world to optimize Clear360 Pro with features adapted specifically for hunting and outdoor environments. Clear360 Pro features extraordinary 360°/3D situational awareness, precise two-way communication capabilities, and superior hearing protection from loud sounds, both continuous and transient. Custom listening modes include enhanced “super hearing” mode to detect detailed sounds in a quiet setting, speech intelligibility optimization and even a separate listening mode for music or movies while you are passing time!

Clear360 Pro’s comfortable form factor is designed for all day wearability.

CLEAR360 Pro Patented Technology:

Clear360 Pro combines several patents into one unique design for a complete all-in-one tactical and safety solution. The robust feature set includes:


  • 360° Auditory Situational Awareness that is Natural and Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum comfort for All Day Use
  • Portable and Lightweight (2.5 ounces) 
  • 5 Customized Listening Modes including “Super Hearing” and “Mute”
  • Hearing Protection (24 NRR)
  • Loud sounds are safely lowered without sacrificing quiet sounds, allowing for uninterrupted operation.
  • Bluetooth-enabled for Crystal Clear Audio when paired to 2-way radio communications, phone calls or music
  • Up to 16-hour battery life in a single full charge. Rapid recharge

Listening Modes:
(All Listening Modes Utilize CLEAR360 Premium Hearing Protection)

Listening Mode 1: “Voice”. Patented speech intelligibility optimization for both face to face and Bluetooth-connected communication (2-way radios and phones). This mode optimizes the frequency range of the voice over environmental noise.

Listening Mode 2: “Super Hearing”. Hear incredible detail within your surroundings. “Hear footsteps or small sounds from several yards away”.

Listening Mode 3: “Natural”.
The most realistic sounding mode, as if you are not wearing anything at all.

Listening Mode 4: “Comfort”.
This mode provides a natural and realistic experience while subduing or softening harsh sounds.  

Mute mode: “Make the world go away”. Removes outside stimulus while still providing hearing protection. Bluetooth-connected devices remain active.

Included with each CLEAR 360 Pro:

  • 1 CLEAR360 Pro Headset
  • 3 pair Foam Tips (SM, MED, & LG)
  • 3 pair Ear Wings (SM, MED & LG) (subject to change)
  • 2 Replacement Wind Screens
  • 1 USB Charge Plug
  • 1 USB TYPE C Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 Weather Resistant Case