4. Attachment of Replaceable Parts

4.1 Attaching Ear Wings 

It is recommended that the Medium size Ear Wings be attached before first use.  A different size of Ear Wing should only be tried if there is a problem with the fit.  (See “5.1 Fitting the Device in Your Ear”) 


1. Orient the Ear Wing so that the rounded portion is facing towards the top and rear of the Ear Piece

a. The opening should be facing towards the front of the Ear Piece

2. Press the Ear Wing firmly onto the base of the post on the Ear Piece

a. The tabs on the base of the post on the Ear Piece should seat fully into the notches on the Ear Wing

b. When installed correctly, the Ear Wing will lock onto the tabs and will not be able to rotate. 

4.2 Attaching Foam Ear Tips 

It is recommended that the Medium size Foam Ear Tips be attached before first use. A smaller size should only be tried if there is a problem with the fit. (See “5.1 Fitting the Device in Your Ear”)

1. Orient the Foam Ear Tip so that the flat end is facing towards the Ear Piece and the rounded, tapered end is facing away from the Ear Piece

2. Firmly press the Foam Ear Tip onto the post of the Ear Piece so that the post seats inside the hole in the middle of the Foam Ear Tip

a. The Foam Ear Tip should seat flat against the base of the post on the Ear Piece

b. The entire post should be seated inside of the Foam Ear Tip

4.3 Replacing Wind Screens 

It is recommended that the Wind Screens be replaced any time they become clogged with dust, dirt or any other debris. 


To remove the Wind Screen

1. Pinch the front and back of the Wind Screen together between your thumb and forefinger. 


2. Lift up on the back of the Wind Screen to release the rear clip and rock the Wind Screen forward. 

3. Lift the Wind Screen off of the Ear Piece

To replace the Wind Screen: 

1. Insert the forward tab on the Wind Screen into the front socket on the face of the Ear Piece

2. Rock the Wind Screen towards the rear of the Ear Piece and press to lock the rear clip on the Wind Screen into the rear socket on the Ear Piece.

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