7. Charging

The CLEAR 360 PRO has a built-in battery monitoring system that will alert you when the battery is getting low. The system will tell you how much time remains for the safe use of the product to provide time to plan your next charge. Please remember that your battery life will vary based on optional Bluetooth™ use and other factors.

1. Lift the moisture preventing flap on the left side of the collar that is covering the USB type C Charging Port. (See “2.6 Product Elements”) 

2. Insert the charging cable’s USB type C end into the USB type C Charging Port

3. Insert the other end of the charging cable into a portable battery pack, provided AC charging block, or any other USB type A port that provides 5 volts. 

a. If using the AC charging block, insert the AC charging block into an AC wall outlet. 

b. To remove the AC charging block from the wall outlet, grasp the adapter plug itself.   

c. Never pull on the charging cable. Doing so may damage the cable and cause fire or electric shock.

4. The Battery Status LED will illuminate RED while charging. 

5. The Battery Status LED will turn off once the device is fully charged. 

Never plug your CLEAR 360 PRO into any power source that provides more than 5 volts. Doing so may cause severe damage to the device that could result in fire or electric shock.
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